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Providing Scholarships For Free Online Education & Training 

for Our Active and Transitioning Military, Veterans, Spouses and Family Members!

Education, Training & Coaching Courses Provided By The Generous Donations By Our Supporters.

Entrepreneurial  Business Ownership

" Our Education & Training Programs Are Designed To Help Prepare Our Active and Transitioning Military, Veterans

and Spouses, To Create Business Ownership"


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Single Person Monthly Supporter

If you would like to support our Active and Transitioning Military, Veterans and their Family Members, please become an Annual Monthly Supporter.  

As a Monthly Supporter you will receive:

  1. Any Course That Is Free For Our Heroes Is Free To You.

Single Monthly Supporter  $29.00/mo for a minimum of 12 months. 

25% discount for donation paid in full for one year. $261

Donate more if you would like!

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Donate Any Amount You Wish & We Thank You!

If you would like to make a donation of any amount we would really appreciate the support. We try to deliver as many Scholarship as we can to help better the lives of our Heroes. We are dedicated to giving

back to those that gave so much for our country.