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They Gave Us All So Much-Now It's Our Turn To Give Back!

Empowering Veterans, Active & Transitioning Military, Spouses & Their Families

 Providing Scholarships For Free Online Education & Training 

Education, Training & Coaching Programs For Our Active & Transitioning Military, Veterans, Spouses & Their Families.

Scholarships For Free Courses Provided Through The Public and Businesses  Generous Support and Donations.


These Free Courses Help Prepare Our Heroes To  Create Online Internet Businesses.

Entrepreneurial  Business Ownership

Courses Designed To Help Create Business Ownership Opportunities"  

Due To  Continuous Relocation, Deployments, Physical and Mental Health Issues Such As PTSD & Other Conditions & Life Style Goals We Have Created These Courses To Help Our Heroes.

Who Do We Serve?

Spouses. Heroes!

Spouses & Family Members

Active & Transitioning Military

Active & Transitioning Military

   Without you, our Military could not accomplish their mission!

 You made it possible for your spouse to serve! Now let us serve you! 

Why We Support Our Spouses & How Our Free Courses May Help You!


Active & Transitioning Military

Active & Transitioning Military

Active & Transitioning Military

 The Military trains us to go to war but who trains us when we come home?

Transitioning From Active Military & getting ready for  Civilian Life? 

 Why We Support Our Military & How  Our Free Courses May Help You!



Active & Transitioning Military



Veterans face many challenges that those who have not served do not and may never understand.

 Let us help!

Why We Support Our Veterans & How Our Free Courses May Help You!

The Founders-A Family History of Service!


Russell Dawe-CEO & Founder

A Family of Service!

Russell Dawe-CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of Veterans4Veterans Non-Profit 501 ( c ) (3 ) company dedicated to our Military.

*Founded and Operated Careers Northwest Academy, CNWA-A Private Vocational College, Seattle, WA

*Founded and Operated Travel Careers-An Employment Placement Company-Seattle , WA

*Founded and Operated Career Makers Travel, CMT-with 800 Independent Self Owned Travel Agencies-Throughout the Northwest

*Has interviewed over 8,000 people in the past 30 years.  

*Conducted Resume and Interview training to over 4,000 students at CNWA. 

Currently teaching courses  at BTC, Bellingham Technical College & The Academy of Empowerment


Marika Dawe-Board Director

A Family of Service!

Russell Dawe-CEO & Founder

NW Director of Business Development-Medical Labs

Director and President of a NW Private Vocational College & Placement Company

Dr. Ronald Dawe, Soldiers Heart, PTSD, Vietam

A Family of Service!

A Family of Service!

A Family of Service!

 Brother, Dr. Ronald J. Dawe

Vietnam-Officer & Helicopter Pilot-Commander. 

Served two tours in Vietnam.  Understands the devastating effects of PTSD and has worked with many Veterans suffering with PTSD.

Published Author of Soldier's Heart-PTSD & Vietnam Veterans.


Grandfather, Joseph Dawe WWI-Europe

WWI Decorated Hero-Well Known Boston Leader

Father, Rene J. Dawe WWII-Europe

Congregational Pastor  of a Prestigious New England Church 

Uncle, George Dawe-Korean & Vietnam War

30 Year Army Career Soldier

Uncle, Joe Dawe-Korean War Era

Principle and beloved Education Leader in the Boston area.

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