A Family History of Service!


Russell Dawe-CEO & Founder

A Family of Service!

Russell Dawe-CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of Veterans4Veterans Non-Profit 501 ( c ) (3 ) company dedicated to our Military.

*Founded and Operated Careers Northwest Academy, CNWA-A Private Vocational College, Seattle, WA

*Founded and Operated Travel Careers-An Employment Placement Company-Seattle , WA

*Founded and Operated Career Makers Travel, CMT-with 800 Independent Self Owned Travel Agencies-Throughout the Northwest

*Has interviewed over 8,000 people in the past 30 years.  

*Conducted Resume and Interview training to over 4,000 students at CNWA. 

Currently teaching courses  at BTC, Bellingham Technical College & The Academy of Empowerment


Marika Dawe-Board Director

A Family of Service!

Russell Dawe-CEO & Founder

NW Director of Business Development-Medical Labs

Director and President of a NW Private Vocational College & Placement Company

Dr. Ronald Dawe, Soldiers Heart, PTSD, Vietam

A Family of Service!

A Family of Service!

A Family of Service!

 Brother, Dr. Ronald J. Dawe

Vietnam-Officer & Helicopter Pilot-Commander. 

Served two tours in Vietnam.  Understands the devastating effects of PTSD and has worked with many Veterans suffering with PTSD.

Published Author of Soldier's Heart-PTSD & Vietnam Veterans.


Grandfather, Joseph Dawe WWI-Europe

WWI Decorated Hero-Well Known Boston Leader

Father, Rene J. Dawe WWII-Europe

Congregational Pastor  of a Prestigious New England Church 

Uncle, George Dawe-Korean & Vietnam War

30 Year Army Career Soldier

Uncle, Joe Dawe-Korean War Era

Principle and beloved Education Leader in the Boston area.