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30 Day Challenge. Mind-Nutrition-Fitness

This is an amazing and fun online fitness and nutrition  platform. I promise you, this will amaze and shock you. It works and I will be with you everyday!

This challenge can help change your life.  It saved mine!

  1. Lose Weight!
  2. Gain Muscle!
  3. Learn How To Eat Nutritionally! 
  4. Get Rid Of The Stress!
  5. Just feel better!

It's Free! Nothing To Buy! Just Give Me Some Of Your Time!

Whether you are working out in a gym or just taking walks, you will see the amount of calories burned and what happens to you if you do nothing. A simple 10 minute walk is a great start. It is a change that can change your entire life!

Tracking makes you aware. It educates and motivates. It's also easy and fun. It's online and only takes a few minutes everyday. You will uncover and discover so much about your eating habits and the affect just  taking a 15 minute walk can accomplish.

Part of changing your future is being “prepared” to change your future!

This requires a great attitude, outlook and motivation.  Let's do it together! 

I want to help you and will dedicate my time and energy to help in any way I can!!

It saved my life.  Please join me. I am Living Proof

Please read my story below and you will learn why I am doing this. 

Russell Dawe

CEO and Founder


A 28 Day Challenge That Can Change Your Life. It Saved Mine!

A 28 Day Challenge That Can Change Your Life. It Saved Mine!

Come Join Me. It's Free!

I Am "Living Proof". Here Is My Story!

Russell Dawe, CEO, Veterans4Veterans

Seven years ago I entered the VA Hospital in Boise, Idaho. I hadn't  seen a Doctor for over a decade. The staff and my Primary Physician were wonderful. They did all the tests and work ups to find out why I felt so terrible and tired all the time.

My Dr. told me that I have had a great life and should start making plans. I sat there in shock and did not like that "plan". 

I told him we needed to be aggressive and I was not ready to die. I have a beautiful wife, two amazing daughters and grand daughters. I was not ready to say good bye.

After a year of tests and more tests, this is what I was diagnosed with and was being treated for:

Extreme High Blood Pressure-4 Medications

Arterial Fibrillation-My heart was beating out of control. They put me on the blood thinner Warifin.  I  had blood drawn 4 times a month. This was to prevent my great chance of having a stroke and clotting. 

They had to remove clots from my veins in both legs. Over 30 incisions in each leg!

They shocked my heart twice to try to stop the irregular heart beats. Worked for three months and then returned.

I also had to take another heart pill to try to regulate my heart rate.

Chronic Sleep Apnea. I wore an oxygen mask when I slept at night because after three different all night studies, they found that my heart was stopping every few minutes. That was causing me to wake up constantly.  Basically I never went into a deep sleep so I had to take sleep medications. 

Physically I could barely walk up a flight of stairs. 

I had gained 75 pounds in 7 years and  went from  a very active physically fit 58 year old to a dying 65 year old.

In November 2018 I decided to get into shape, learn how to eat well again, and change my mental attitude. 

I figured I was either going to change or die.

I was making progress, but then I discovered a life saving program online. I stumbled across this gift of life. 

I dove in and learned about nutrition and what foods to avoid. I got back into a gym and tracked my fitness every day along with my nutritional intake. 

This online program made it easy.

(Side note: I have degrees in Psychology, Premedical and Education. I had even owned Health Clubs and was a consultant for that industry throughout the U.S. and Canada. )

Currently, I am 70 pounds lighter. I take no medications, no Warifin, no masks at night and I can do 5 hour hikes on Mt Baker. 

Come join me!  I will personally guide you through this program that I am providing Free to you!


Come Join Me. It's Free!

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